Green Thong Tae Co.,Ltd is exporter of premium quality dehydrated all Thai spices&herbs since 2006. Our office and factory are located in Chiangmai province, where is rich of agricultural raw material.

Our the spices&herbs are produced by vacuum drier processs, so you can confident these products still hight quality, natural color and natural fragrance. Also our product can be used as ingredient in cosmetic industry, medicine industry and seasoning. The spices&herbs such as ;

1. Dried Thai spices&herbs.

  • Kaffir lime leaf (whole,flakes,powder).
  • Lemon grass leaf(flakes,powder) and Lemon grass whole.
  • Ginger (whole slice,powder)
  • Galangal(whole slice,powder)
  • Thai coriander flakes and powder.
  • Thai pepermint flakes and powder.
  • Thai holy basil leaf, flake,powder.
  • Thai sweet basil leaf,flake,powder.
  • Curry powder 2 fomular as Fired cooking and curry cooking.

Green Thong Tae Co.,Ltd will selected the best product and best quality to customers. Our product is  If you would like to know more information and quotation, you can feel free contact us at e-mail:greenthongtae@gmail.com




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